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  • I’ve literally always had a sketchbook. Even as a kid I was doodling on anything I could get my hands on, so purchasing a sketchbook was always necessary. When sketchbooks were a requirement for college that was no big deal. But I’ve decided that even though I like looking through old sketchbooks and seeing my ideas and work, I’d love to flip through and see the rest of my life documented as well.
As one of my intentions for 2018, I’ve decided to start journaling to document the little things that are happening my life each day. For now it’s kind of a mix of art journaling and bullet journaling, or really whatever comes to mind.
My newest blog post today is showing off some of my favorite Instagram journaling accounts that are a huge inspiration to me, some of which inspired me to start this in the first place. Be warned: you’ll end up with major journal envy!
  • Half of me is like “it’s still a Wednesday, I need to keep working.” The other half of me is like SNOW DAY!! 🌨❄️⛄️ I think I’ll meet somewhere in the middle and work from the couch so I can watch it snow.
  • Already 2018 has been a whirlwind and it’s only been a few weeks. To keep anything from falling by the wayside I decided to focus in on my intentions for this year, or actionable steps to keep me on track towards my goals. New blog post up about starting the new year with intention and some of the goals I’ve set for myself and my business.
  • That little chin just keeps getting more and more grey 😣 Plenty of snuggling to go around this weekend. Taking some time to shut off the computer and chill on this cozy Saturday.
  • Editing my newest wedding video like 😍
For more of my photography and film work check out @sweethorizonphotography . A sneak peak at this film will be posted there soon.
  • When a client chooses a navy watercolor wash for their branding I do a little dance of joy. Seriously, is there anything more stunning than watercolor?🎨 🖌
  • So... we still have yet to take down our Christmas decor. Yep, stockings are still hung, Christmas tree is still standing. GUILTY. And while we will probably remove it this weekend I still put together a fun little blog post on holiday decor that I think is totally acceptable year round. Now if only it were acceptable to have a Christmas tree year round...🤔
  • If you are anything like me then you like a little help keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions and goals. New to the shop, a bundle of printable goal trackers for 2018: business, health and personal. Perfect for your desk or as inserts in your planner.
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