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  • Today on the blog: It may be a little late but I’ve finally sent out my free background download for this month. April’s moodboard is all about greenery and warmer weather (if I wish for warm weather long enough it’ll happen, right??) Sharing 5 of my business goals for this month as I prepare some pretty new things for all of you!
  • I’m always looking for more creative outlets and journaling this year has served as a fresh outlet that also documents some favorite memories. On the blog: Ways to document your everyday life and have fun in the process.
  • #designinreallife found on these sweet window illustrations. Always on the hunt for beautiful windows.
  • My little partner in crime/work assistant. He may spend most of his time sleeping the day away on the couch but he’ll never say no to an adventure.
  • Still so in love with these soft patterns I made for @megbasinger’s recent rebrand. Patterns are one of my favorite parts to design for a brand as they really help round out the entire idea behind a brand, but I so often have clients ask how to actually use them. On the blog today I’m discussing the importance of brand patterns and simple ways to incorporate them throughout your business.
  • I think most of us can remember the first time we landed on a blog that really inspired us, whether that was to start our own blog, start a business, or simply introduce us to the possibilities of blogging. There’s something to be said for this huge (and quickly growing) community of creatives that are making a living online and that are becoming favorite online destinations for visitors around the world. TODAY ON THE BLOG: I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite blogs that I think everyone should be reading this year. And who knows, maybe your new favorite blogger is on the list!
  • Friday, I’m ready for ya! Ending the week with multiple cups of coffee, dog park playtime, and making some serious headway on an absolutely beautiful ecommerce website. What are you guys up to today?
  • I often daydream about having an office space right downtown on this little cobblestone street. The painted brick, antique street lights, and string lights connecting the buildings definitely speak my language. A girl can dream, right? On the blog: exterior painting trends that bring style to any office, business, and house.