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  • Gearing up for a super fun weekend over here! We are headed back to the mountains to film a wedding and are busy getting everything ready to go!
Now to have another round of coffee, finish packing, and make sure Radley has extra treats before he goes on a mini vacation. 🐶
  • Happy Fourth of July, dear friends! Be safe and have a 🎆 🎉 BLAST!! 🎉 🎇
  • Serious question for you all...
Is print actually dead?? I for one L.O.V.E. magazines and there seems to be new publications popping up every day and doing well! Um, hello @magnolia Journal, killing the game. I think magazines are making a big comeback in popularity, but maybe that’s just me being a total sucker for all things print related. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Yes, we all consume more material via the internet these days, and no one is more psyched about that than this web designer right here. At the same time I still swear nothing really compares to the excitement of getting a new magazine or book and cracking it open for the first time. Am I totally alone in this, or do you guys love print as well?
  • Oh hey there, July! Fancy seeing you already! 
This free download calendar is being sent to all my subscribers today so be sure to check your inboxes! It's ready to go for all of your digital devices or if you want a little desk decor like I do 💕🌵
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  • Rosé, everyday. Please and thank you. 🍷
As many of you know, I’ve gotten super into journaling lately. It’s one of my favorite ways to document all the little daily moments that I don’t want to forget. It’s also an incredible tool to look back through the last few years and learn about yourself and how you’ve grown. .
Today on the blog I’ve put together 25 journaling prompts to promote self discovery and introspection. If you use any of the prompts tag me in a photo! I’d love to see how you guys interpret these for your own journals!
  • Starting a new branding project today that’s hitting very close to home. That means getting all the inspiration from foggy mountains, natural wood textures, and minimal typography.
We are currently booking branding projects for the end of summer so be sure and contact us while those spots are still available.
  • Thank you everyone who participated in my free giveaway! Because you guys are so awesome, and because I ended up reaching 500 followers on here this week, I decided to extend my giveaway to TWO winners!! Congrats @cass_pow and @celeechf !! Please DM me and we’ll get your prints to you ASAP!
  • I’ve loved seeing all the comments on my giveaway post this week! Thank you everyone who has shown an interest in my new prints! .
I’ll be closing the giveaway tonight and announcing the winner tomorrow. If you haven’t entered but still want a chance to win some free prints there’s still time! Go to my profile, click on the image below this one and comment the name of someone who inspires you. Each new tag counts as a new entry. 🖌