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  • Sweet Horizon Studio got a bit of a facelift this past month! 🎉 I may be my own worst client 😂 but nothing beats seeing the finished site and branding come together!
  • Currently obsessing over glyphic sans fonts like this beauty by @dharmatype
  • Starting the week off as productive as possible and checking all the things off my to-do list, even a few that weren’t written 🙌 Am I the only one who adds things to my to-do list even after they are finished just so I can check it off 😂
  • I’ve continued to make it a priority to take the weekends off to recoup, decompress, and enjoy my weekend plans a little more. Not only do I find my body and mind thanking me for this little reprieve but I also find myself looking forward to Monday in a way I previously never thought was possible. Monday is a chance to start fresh with my goals, to hit the ground running, and to lay a foundation for the rest of the week. But since I’m SO not a morning person, easing my body back into the routine is essential for a productive day.
My morning routine starts off with making a cup of tea, taking some time to journal, planning out my work week, answering emails, and occasionally doing a quick design to get my creative wheels turning. I’m all for bridging the gap between the weekend mindset and the work week mindset.
Do you start off Monday with a hustle mindset? Or do you ease in like I do to maintain the refresh from the weekend?
  • Today on the blog: It may be a little late but I’ve finally sent out my free background download for this month. April’s moodboard is all about greenery and warmer weather (if I wish for warm weather long enough it’ll happen, right??) Sharing 5 of my business goals for this month as I prepare some pretty new things for all of you!
  • I’m always looking for more creative outlets and journaling this year has served as a fresh outlet that also documents some favorite memories. On the blog: Ways to document your everyday life and have fun in the process.
  • #designinreallife found on these sweet window illustrations. Always on the hunt for beautiful windows.
  • My little partner in crime/work assistant. He may spend most of his time sleeping the day away on the couch but he’ll never say no to an adventure.