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  • Can’t believe April is already half over. Where in the world is 2019 going in such a hurry? This free calendar is bringing a little warm to our table these days to mirror the warm weather that has started to show up. Who else prints their little calendars as well? 
If you want access to all of my free resources, free monthly calendars included, just head on over to my bio and sign up to our newsletter on either the blog or the studio site.
  • If songs had a brand 🎧 
A little personal project inspired by a favorite song from my college years. Who else is a @sylvanesso fan?
  • Running a multi-faceted business can be a challenge sometimes. As with any small business there are definite highs and lows and priorities get shifted around as we get busier. Social media tends to be one of those things that I set aside when projects need my attention.
I realized sometime recently that I haven’t shown new photography work since last fall! 😱 I just wanted to pop on here and say that Sweet Horizon is still very much in the photo and film business on top of our graphic design work and we can’t wait to show you all the photoshoots we’ve had going on over at @sweethorizonphotography. We love sharing all these different facets of our business with you all and have plans to show you tons of new work on both of these profiles this year!
  • A little Friday inspiration to get you through the end of this week 🙌
  • Throwback to this little submark that was just so lovely in gold foil. We went in a more rustic direction with this brand so this little baby will just live here on my Instagram feed🔸
  • New free background going out to all email subscribers today and new monthly goals up on the blog 🌱 loving these warmer tones for spring 🙌
  • Monday morning + a new month = time to be productive. Working on three different client projects today as well as some new content for the blog. What are you guys working on?
  • Shipping this custom print out today and absolutely love how it turned out. While calligraphy and printmaking is a small part of Sweet Horizon, it sure is a lot of fun! Not to mention a wonderful break from my computer screen! 🖋🖌