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  • I seem to have an affinity for printing out cool toned moodboards, but boy do they speak to my soul. Foggy color schemes have a way of doing that, you know? .
This new December moodboard is on the blog today and all my subscribers are getting several new backgrounds for all their devices this month. Keeping things minimal yet festive for December. Look for the new goodies in your inbox today!
  • I may be a week late with this Lettering Lesson, but we shouldn’t just be thankful one day of the year anyway! .
I’m so thankful for you all, my incredible clients, and for this sweet little business of mine. Another year doing what I love is a blessing.
Another lettering lesson is in the resource library today, now including these printable copies for those of you that want to practice brush lettering! Just print out the guide and break out your favorite ink or watercolor.
  • Made a few subtle changes to the site last week to try and incorporate all that we do around here. A few more changes still to come (like acknowledging that this is no longer a solo gig, but instead a soon-to-be husband and wife team effort. 😍) We are also busy transitioning over here into our winter job roles as branding and web designers. I’m so excited to set aside my camera for a bit and start diving into some branding and web design projects this winter. While design is not a seasonal business, I’ve made it a rule to treat it like one if I’m going to also take on wedding videographer and photography during the spring and summer. I like to stay busy, what can I say?

Looking forward to updating some old projects and starting some new ones and absolutely can’t wait to meet all of our lovely new clients!
  • The most important thing I’ve done all year I made sure to do early. Everyone has the right to let their voice be heard and voting is the one of the best ways to let your hopes, fears, questions, and expectations be heard by those in charge. #govote #ivoted #grabhimbytheballot
  • Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
New lettering lesson in the resource library today in honor of this spooky holiday. Anyone have fun plans for tonight? I’m thinking a classic horror flick and hot apple cider.
  • Finishing up wedding galleries has a me over here like, “keep the coffee pouring, please and thank you!” ☕️
  • The best way to get into the holiday spirit? Burning a fall candle of course! 🍂 My new favorite is this Bonfire Nights candle from @target. It’s just one of my fall must haves on the blog today, along with the coziest of blankets and home decor to make your home extra festive. 
Now I just need to stock up on this candle so I can burn it year round!
  • Typical morning while being self employed/working from home looks a little something like this:
Wake up 🌅
Give Radley plenty of belly rubs 🐶
Put on sweats/bathrobe 💃
Make some coffee ☕️
Answer emails from the evening before 📩
Settle in for a day of work 🖥
I like my little mornings to be slow and uneventful. I’m not a morning person AT ALL so easing into my day and into my work is essential for me to be productive and focused. Especially on a Friday.