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  • Gearing up for a new brand and website launch for @jessievanslyke’s cooking blog and going back through her brand material has me obsessing over these hand drawn kitchen brand elements all over again!🍴
When we first started working together Jessie and I talked a lot about making her branding more approachable, personable, and honest. These drawn elements make me think of little doodles you might find in an old cookbook or on a recipe card, like you just happened to be in the kitchen with the person that created the recipe. Maybe that’s because I draw on every free scrap of paper in the house 😆 but there’s no denying the effect these little elements have by giving such a personal touch to the brand as a whole.
Can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been “cooking up” these last few months!
  • Celebrating our upcoming marriage with all of our closest friends and family this weekend. Can’t wait to marry this man! 
Happy Friday!
📷 by the incredible @samwisefloyd
  • Daydreaming about photography websites and custom fonts. Moody photography has always called to me. Something to do with how intimate they always seem to feel. I’m a firm believer that nothing beats beautiful photography on a web design project.
My photography website daydreaming this week may have something to do with the fact that we got a preview of our engagement photos earlier this week and I’m so in love with them I’ve yet to decide a favorite. Can’t wait to show them off soon!
  • We’ve been taking a break lately but The Broadening Horizons Podcast will be back next week! Hope you will tune in! #broadeninghorizonspodcast #sweethorizonstudio
  • Our three year business anniversary is right around the corner and looking back through all the work we’ve done is both thrilling and humbling. We feel so honored to have worked with such inspiring creatives and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little business.
  • Things people don’t realize about owning your own business:
If you take time off, your business takes time off too. That’s not always a bad thing when you need a little bit of vacation to think other thoughts for awhile, but more often than not it’s really, really hard for entrepreneurs to take a vacation, take time to spend with friends and family, or even just take time for themselves. The harsh reality of owning your own business is that if you aren’t working you also aren’t making money.
This is something I struggled with sooo much during the first couple of years in business because I was so focused on making this little business stay afloat that I wasn’t taking any time to think about what I personally needed to stay refreshed and inspired. In the long run, no matter how hard you’ve hustled, your own mental and physical well being can actually be the thing that causes you to close up shop too early.
So take that vacation, grab drinks with friends, plan a date night, sign up for that exercise class you’ve been wanting to try, and make sure you are enjoying life. After all, being your own boss means you have control over your work life balance. It does not control you.
  • There’s so much more that goes into a logo than just pretty typography. Whether we choose to add additional text elements or tag lines to make a strong statement about the brand or we choose to use imagery, sketches, or symbols to highlight or bring attention to a specific brand value, every element of our logo concepts serves a very specific purpose.
In this specific concept it was the combination of typography and regional topography that put emphasis on the area of West Virginia that this new wedding directory would focus. The topographic map of Morgantown, WV is a visual reminder of the gorgeous Appalachians that serve as the backdrop for West Virginia weddings and it adds a natural pattern to the logo as a whole.
While this concept wasn’t chosen as the final it’s still one of my favorites because it serves as a reminder that visual representations can vary widely while telling a similar story. Just one of the many reasons I love what I do.
  • A little late but still celebrating the new month and the fact that summer is right around the corner! Feeling all the plant vibes with this new free background that’s going out to all my subscribers today. 🖥 Plus, new monthly moodboard and goals are up on the blog which I know some of you were anxiously awaiting! We are so ready for May and all the new adventures it has in store 🌿