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  • Why does SEO feel like a bad word? I swear when I bring it up to fellow entrepreneurs or bloggers I can suddenly see the fear in their eyes. Sure, It’s a super daunting thing to tackle, and can be a bit frustrating trying to figure out how to tap into Google’s mind. But it doesn’t have to be a scary thing! In fact, once you start following good SEO practices and implements certain tactics it’s just a matter of maintaining those methods and sticking with it. .
We’re back on the podcast today talking all about SEO, what you need to do as a blogger to boost your ranking, and how you can get the most out of the content that you are already creating. 🙌 #broadeninghorizonspodcast #sweethorizonstudio
  • I’m usually all for taking the weekends off to recharge, but the week ahead is a big one so there’s a lot to do even on a Sunday. We got this! 🙌
  • I’ve been talking a lot about slow growth in business lately and based on questions I have received I figured it was time that I write a post on it. Slow growth is not a bad thing in my opinion, but we all aim to see our business continue to grow. So today on the blog I dive into slow growth, how to combat it, and why it totally shouldn’t get you down.
  • In case you missed it, a little lettering lesson was added to the resource library yesterday for all those forever Valentines 💕 Happy Valentine’s Day 💕
  • Halfway through the week and feeling productive. Trying to check things off my to-do list early so that I can enjoy my early Valentine’s Day dinner with Mike tonight 💕
  • Sometimes it can be hard to look back at where you started. To go back to the beginning, retrace your steps and really analyze what wasn’t working well for you. It’s much easier to think we were always on the right track and handling things the right way, especially when it’s something we pour our heart and soul into like a business. .
It’s a little tough to admit, but I’ve made a lot of mistakes since the beginning. One of the biggest was trying to cover everything in my life on my blog. I felt like just because I cared about something that I should blog about it. But that wasn’t benefiting me or my readers. I now know that focus is your best friend as a blogger and business owner. Narrowing in on what you want to be known for and do a LOT of that one thing is in fact the easiest way to be successful.
On the podcast today I’m detailing why you should only be covering 5 categories on your blog and how that can positively impact your business and wellbeing (complete with a look back on more embarrassing tales from my blogging past 🙃). How has focusing on less topics impacted your blog, or is this still something you would like to implement? #broadeninghorizonspodcast #sweethorizonstudio
  • Working from a coffee shop today and making headway on a new branding project. When clients reach out to me and want mountain, airy vibes, that’s music to my ears! I can’t get over how 2019 is starting out but if this is the way the rest of year is going to go I honestly can’t wait.
  • A new little lettering lesson in time for Valentine’s Day. I have feeling I’ll be using a lot more floral in the coming weeks 💐💕