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  • When you have a client whose entire aesthetic resonates with all the things you love 🙌 This beauty has been above my desk all week as I design the branding for @yourwvwedding and it’s bringing out all the romantic mountain vibes. Can’t wait to show you guys all we’ve been working on!
  • Another Lettering Lesson posted in the resource library today! Who doesn’t love Friday, am I right?? We are getting so close to wrapping up the days of the week in our Lettering Lessons and I’d love to know what you guys wanna see next!
  • Other branding designers, I’d love to know your thoughts on creating custom fonts for you clients. I personally only create custom fonts if I feel like the project could benefit from it, but otherwise I choose another premium font. Do you find it to be a necessary part of your process or is something you shy away from?
  • Why does SEO feel like a bad word? I swear when I bring it up to fellow entrepreneurs or bloggers I can suddenly see the fear in their eyes. Sure, It’s a super daunting thing to tackle, and can be a bit frustrating trying to figure out how to tap into Google’s mind. But it doesn’t have to be a scary thing! In fact, once you start following good SEO practices and implements certain tactics it’s just a matter of maintaining those methods and sticking with it. .
We’re back on the podcast today talking all about SEO, what you need to do as a blogger to boost your ranking, and how you can get the most out of the content that you are already creating. 🙌 #broadeninghorizonspodcast #sweethorizonstudio
  • I’m usually all for taking the weekends off to recharge, but the week ahead is a big one so there’s a lot to do even on a Sunday. We got this! 🙌
  • I’ve been talking a lot about slow growth in business lately and based on questions I have received I figured it was time that I write a post on it. Slow growth is not a bad thing in my opinion, but we all aim to see our business continue to grow. So today on the blog I dive into slow growth, how to combat it, and why it totally shouldn’t get you down.
  • In case you missed it, a little lettering lesson was added to the resource library yesterday for all those forever Valentines 💕 Happy Valentine’s Day 💕
  • Halfway through the week and feeling productive. Trying to check things off my to-do list early so that I can enjoy my early Valentine’s Day dinner with Mike tonight 💕