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  • Rosé, everyday. Please and thank you. 🍷
As many of you know, I’ve gotten super into journaling lately. It’s one of my favorite ways to document all the little daily moments that I don’t want to forget. It’s also an incredible tool to look back through the last few years and learn about yourself and how you’ve grown. .
Today on the blog I’ve put together 25 journaling prompts to promote self discovery and introspection. If you use any of the prompts tag me in a photo! I’d love to see how you guys interpret these for your own journals!
  • Starting a new branding project today that’s hitting very close to home. That means getting all the inspiration from foggy mountains, natural wood textures, and minimal typography.
We are currently booking branding projects for the end of summer so be sure and contact us while those spots are still available.
  • Thank you everyone who participated in my free giveaway! Because you guys are so awesome, and because I ended up reaching 500 followers on here this week, I decided to extend my giveaway to TWO winners!! Congrats @cass_pow and @celeechf !! Please DM me and we’ll get your prints to you ASAP!
  • I’ve loved seeing all the comments on my giveaway post this week! Thank you everyone who has shown an interest in my new prints! .
I’ll be closing the giveaway tonight and announcing the winner tomorrow. If you haven’t entered but still want a chance to win some free prints there’s still time! Go to my profile, click on the image below this one and comment the name of someone who inspires you. Each new tag counts as a new entry. 🖌
  • Ever wondered what it’s actually like to work from home? As a society we’ve totally glamorized it. I even have friends that have said “Must be nice! You can sleep in and only work when you want to!” The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. If that were the case literally nothing would get done.
Most days I work over 9 hours on everything, some days I work over 15 hours. I try to keep my days as normal as possible but when you work from home your work is always there. It’s a blessing and a curse.
My actual work day is very planned out, allotting time dedicated to all 4 of the ways I make income, with time spent on business related tasks that don’t actually make me money but are necessary for the running of my business, and finally trying to take weeknights and weekends off for some work-life balance. .
On the blog today I’m breaking down what a typical day looks like for me working from home, from waking up to getting ready for bed. Everyday is different just based on my current work load, but on average it looks pretty similar to this hourly breakdown. Plus there are plenty of cute photos of Radley and lets be honest, he’s the real reason to scroll through today’s post 🐶
  • Lazy Tuesday over here. Taking some time for myself and Radley today.
I’m so stoked to finally have these sweet little prints up on the store. 29 new prints in total have been added, including some fun quotes and 6 of these coffee ring prints. .
To celebrate my shop getting a major overall like this, I decided it’s time for a giveaway! I’m giving a free print of the winners choice: either one of the coffee ring prints or 2 of the quote prints (same value). .
To enter, simply follow me: @sweethorizonstudio and comment under this post by tagging someone that inspires you. You can tell me why they inspire you if you want. I love reading about what you guys find inspirational. Each new tag will be a new entry into the drawing. .
I hope you guys love these prints as much as I do. And I promise there are even more in the works!
  • Give me this messy apartment and this messy haired guy any day of the week. More than a little bit in love with them both.
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